Capra Garage Buildings


We are currently building two huge garage buildings in White Bear township.  The smaller building is 169’x70′ and the bigger building is 233’x60′.  We prefabricated the all of the walls except for the garage door walls.  We got the walls up with an all-terrain forklift and craned the roof trusses (on the smaller building).  We’ve got the main roof sheeted and now have to set the windows and build the entry roof system.  From there we will get the big building up while the plumbing is put in the ground, the garage doors are installed, the heaters installed, and the concrete slab is poured.

Friday the Ninth of April



On Friday, Toby and I had to install roof vents for the HVAC guys who are afraid of heights. Apparently they are also afraid to tell the contractor that they didn’t install them. The home owner noticed rain coming down on the bathroom floor of their bran new $800,000 house. Great job HVAC guys.


Meanwhile at Upton, Dusty, Jake, and Pete kicked some butt and got the upper level interior walls done.

Upton Update


On monday we built the porch roofs for 1900 Lincoln and gave the yard a good clean up.


On Tuesday we were back at Upton to get the main floor exterior walls built and stood.


We wanted to keep the power line hooked up (so we didn’t have to run the noisy generator all day everyday) so we strapped the existing power line to the new wall.


Today we set the floor trusses and put the 2×4 ribbon on. After lunch we got called off of Upton to build temp stairs for the decks at 1319 Eleanor.